Gazette Notifications

e-Gazette Number e-Gazette Date e-Gazette Subject
egaz(2017)/4/67Old e-Gazette No:8(36)/2016/DAM/MR/2978 07-11-2017 Reconstitution of APMC (MNI) Azadpur
egaz(2016)/4/65Old e-Gazette No:F8(03/2013/DAM/MR/7610 22-11-2016 Notification regarding exemption of Gate Pass Fee / Per Trip Fee in APMC (MNI) Azadpur as well as other APMCs upto 24.11.2016
egaz(2016)/4/63Old e-Gazette No:F.8(36)/2010/DAM/MR/7337 24-10-2016 Notification reg. nominate Sh. Adeel Ahmad Khan as Member of APMC (MNI) Azadpur
egaz(2015)/4/44Old e-Gazette No:F. 8(36)/2010/DAM/MR/57 05-01-2015 Notification regarding nomination of Director, Agricultural Marketing as Chairman of APMC, MNI, Azadpur, Delhi
egaz(2014)/4/31Old e-Gazette No:F. 8(08)/2014/DAM/MR/258 01-05-2014 Notification regarding amendment in Bye-Law 17 of APMC, MNI, Azadpur.
egaz(2014)/4/30Old e-Gazette No:F.8(36)/2010-DAM/MR/93 11-04-2014 Notification regarding nomination of Secretary, Development, as Chairman of APMC, MNI, Azadpur
egaz(2014)/4/29Old e-Gazette No:F. 8 (36)/2010/DAM/MR/9335 23-01-2014 Notification regarding ceasing of nomination of Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Member of APMC, Azadpur
egaz(2013)/4/27Old e-Gazette No:F.8(16)/2013/DAM/MR/8180 04-10-2013 Notification for Nomination of members of APMC(MNI) Azadpur for agriculturist residing in delhi
egaz(2013)/4/12Old e-Gazette No:F. 8/19/99/DAM/MR/Pt.File/6360 04-06-2013 Notification regarding denotifying sub-yard of Fish, Poultry & Egg Marketing Committee at Mangolpuri and notifying it as Sub-Yard of APMC (MNI) Azadpur
egaz(2012)/4/8Old e-Gazette No:F. 8(36)/2010-DAM/MR/478 16-02-2012 Notification regarding reconstitution of APMC (MNI) Azadpur
egaz(2011)/4/2 01-03-2011 Notification regarding Continuation of Chairman & Vice Chairman of APMC (MNI) Azadpur.

Other Notifications

S.No. Notification Subject Notification Date
1 Public Notice for 6% Commission. 24-04-2015
2 Notification regarding inclusion of 26 items of fruits & vegetables in the Schedule of the Act 19-03-2015
3 Notification regarding Ceasing Regulation of Marketing Fruis & Vegetables 19-03-2015