Marketing Commitee of APMC(MNI), Azadpur

The Marketing Committee of following eleven members is Constituted under the sub -section (1) of section 26, by order to be published in the official gazette, by the Government of Delhi.

  1. Three persons are nominated by the Government who are agriculturists possessing such qualifications, provided that one of them shall be a member of the schedule castes or other backward classes;
  2. Two members are elected in the prescribed manner from the traders and commission agents holding licenses to operate in the market area;
  3. One member is nominated by the government amongst the President or Chairman of the cooperative societies engaged in the business of processing or marketing of the notified market area;
  4. One member is chosen in the prescribed manner from the local authority within the local limits whose jurisdiction the principal, provided that a person to whom a license has been granted under section 80 shall not be eligible for being chosen this clause.
  5. One member to be elected in the prescribed manner by the licensed weigh men and measures;
  6. One member of the Legislative Assembly of Delhi to be nominated by the speaker to represent the interest of consumer;
  7. Two members to be nominated by the Government of whom one shall represent the interest of consumers;

Without prejudice to the provision of sub-section(2) the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman are elected by the members of the Marketing Committee.

The committee is constituted for a period of 5 years.

Members of Marketing Commitee

S.No. Name of Member Designation
1 . Chairman
2 Sh. Rajeev Singh (D.A.N.I.C.S) Member Secretary
3 Sh. Rahul Yadav Member
4 Sh. Ishwar Rana Member
5 Sh. Gopi Singh Parmar Member
6 Sh. Anil Malhotra Member
7 Sh. Bhajan Singh Member
8 Sh. Amit Kumar Gupta Member
9 Sh. __________________ Director or his nominee Ex-officio Member
10 Dr. S.K. Singh, Dy. AMA Representative of the Agricultural Marketing Advisor to the Govt. of India