About APMC(MNI), Azadpur

Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) MNI, Azadpur was established in the year of 1977 to organize, control and guide various activities and Welfare Schemes of Mandi Samities. Mandi Parishad has played a very important role in implementing various acts in an impressive manner and to get fair behavior and appropriate support prices for their crops to the farmers. As a consequence, the Total Arrivals and income has been increasing with the time.

Marketing Yards

APMC, Azadpur have one Principal Market yard  ( Ch. Hira Singh Wholesale F&V Market, Azadpur)  and three sub-yards namely:

  1. Kela-Siding Azadpur
  2. F&V Market, Okhla
  3. F&V Market, Mangol Puri

The total area of Market Yard / sub-yard is about 101 acres (excluding Kela siding, which is on lease from Indian Railways)

The principal yard of APMC, Azadpur is divided in 3-parts namely, New Subzi Mandi (NSM), Cement Godown Area and New Fruit Mandi (NFM). The traders of Barafkhana, Old Delhi were shifted (July 12, 1975) to NSM, Azadpur on the DDA allotted shops. The DDA maintained the mandi till Dec 1, 1979 whereafter it was handed over to the APMC. Later on more area was allotted to APMC by the DDA on which NFM was set up. Thus, the NSM area has DDA allotted shops, and the Cement Godown and NFM area has open auction sheds.

The subyard Okhla also has DDA constructed shops and auction sheds.

The Kela siding, Azadpur land is taken on lease from the Indian Railways where commodities (Banana, Orange and Mango) come in railway wagons from Southern part of India and are traded there itself.

The Sub-Yard Mangol-Puri, which was earlier known as Delhi Fodder Market Committee has been declared as Sub-Yard of APMC (MNI) Azadpur after de-notification of DFMC for trading of fruits and vegetables. The market is spreads over in 11 acres of land in Mangol-Puri area. Presently there is no trading of fruits and vegetables at Sub-Yard Mangol-Puri.


S.No. Descriptions Azadpur Yard Okhla Sub-yard Mangol Puri Sub-yard
1 Total Market Area NSM area 43.65 Acres 9.98 Acres 11 Acres
Cement Godown area 7.00 Acres -NA- -NA-
NFM area 29.18 Acres -NA- -NA-
Total 79.83 Acres 9.98 Acre 11 Acres
2 No. of Big Shops 438 50 70
3 Size of Big Shops 12’x53’ 12’x53’ -NA-
4 No. of Small Shops 928 218 -NA-
5 Size of Small Shops -NA- -NA- -NA-
6 Covered Auction Sheds A Block NSM  3272 Sqm 1536 Sqm -NA-
C Block NSM 3272 Sqm 832 Sqm -NA-
Potato & Onion Shed 6000 Sqm 832 Sqm -NA-
Grower Shed 2900 Sqm -NA- -NA-
Cement Godown Area 7766 Sqm -NA- -NA-
NFM Phase-II 19618 Sqm -NA- -NA-
NFM Phase-I 29214 Sqm -NA- -NA-
Total 72042 Sqm 3200 Sqm -NA-
7 No. of Banks 6 2 -NA-
8 No. of Cold Storage 7 0 -NA-
9 No. of Licences upto 31.3.18 Commission Agents (B category) 2087 191 -NA-
Wholesale traders (A category) 1436 150 -NA-
Cold Storage (D category) 5 0 -NA-
Palledar (G category) 2 0 -NA-
Farmers I-Cards 76 0 -NA-
Total 3606 341 -NA-
10 No. of Notified Commodities Fruits 56 56 -NA-
Vegetables 88 88 -NA-
Total 144 144 -NA-

For more details, downlaod Breif Note of APMC, Azadpur